Criminal Offences

Affray, Violent Disorder & Riot
Affray, violent disorder and riot are the most common ‘public order’ offences in NSW. These charges are normally brought where there has been some kind of a public disturbance.

Affray, riot and public disorder are serious offences which carry lengthy maximum prison sentences. It is therefore vital to get advice and representation when faced with a charge of this kind.

Assault Charges
Assault charges range from ‘common assault’ and ‘assault occasioning actual bodily harm’ to ‘assault/resist police’ and the more serious aggravated assaults such as ‘recklessly cause grievous bodily harm’ and ‘cause grievous bodily harm with intent’.

Break and Enter Offences
Break and enter charges can involve stealing from a home or business, entering but not stealing, or unsuccessfully attempting to break in.

Breaking and entering can also be ‘aggravated’ in certain circumstances where there is more than one alleged offender, where there is a weapon, or if the alleged offender knows there are persons within the premises.

Break and enter charges are treated very seriously by the courts.

Centrelink Offences
Social security fraud is treated very seriously by the courts. It is therefore important to obtain advice and representation from criminal lawyers who are experienced in Centrelink matters. Spencer Lawyers can advise you of your rights, options and possible outcomes of your case, and explain to you the process of Centrelink and the DPP in their investigation and potential prosecution of you.

Drug Offences
Drug charges range from possessing a few ecstacy tablets at a party to commercially importing heroin. Whatever your particular drug charge, the experienced Criminal Lawyers at Spencer Lawyers will accurately advise you of your options, the best way forward and the likely outcome.

Legislation and penalties are subject to change.