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If you’ve been accused with committing a criminal offence, our criminal defence lawyers are dedicated to providing effective legal representation on your behalf. At Spencer Lawyers in Erina, we represent clients for an extensive range of criminal offences including assault, robbery, fraud, manslaughter, break and enter and murder just to list a few. The prosecutor is required to prove that you committed the offence ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. We’re available for pleas of guilty, not guilty and appeals on sentence and conviction.
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Committing assault is a serious offence and if you’re convicted, can result in imprisonment. If you’ve experienced assault or have been accused, we’ll work hard to represent your case. We work with clients who have been involved in assault charges including common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault/resist police. At Spencer Lawyers, we take aggravated assault charges very seriously. We represent cases that involve indecent assault and sexual assault.

Indecent assault

This offence is touching or threatening to touch another person’s body in a sexual way without consent.

Sexual assault

This offence can describe a number of criminal acts including rape, unwanted kissing, touching, hugging, rubbing, groping or forcing the victim to touch the perpetrator.

Break, Enter & Steal

Break and enter charges can involve entering a person’s home and not stealing anything. Unsuccessful attempts are also considered a break and enter offence. Aggravated breaking and entering occurs when there is more than one alleged offender, if a weapon is involved or if the alleged offender knew there was a person on the premise. The court takes breaking and entering seriously and can result in imprisonment for up to 14 years if you’re convicted.


Fraud is a serious criminal offence that occurs when a person dishonestly acquires someone else’s property, obtains some kind of financial advantage or cause he’s someone any kind of financial disadvantage by deceiving another person. The maximum penalty for a general fraud offence is 10 years’ imprisonment.

Commonwealth Centrelink Fraud

Centrelink fraud is a common offence prosecuted by the courts. It can be intentional, accidental or motivated by genuine financial hardships. You can be charged with Centrelink fraud for failing to declare earnings from employment, submitting false documents, exaggerating a medical condition and over-claiming benefits. For advice on how best to proceed with your case, your options and possible outcomes, contact us today. We’ll explain the process and what you can you expect to happen.

Drug Offences

Drug charges can range from possessing a few ecstasy tablets to commercially importing heroin. We work with clients that have been charged with drug offences ranging from driving with illicit drugs, possession, supply and/or cultivating a prohibited drug.

Stealing Offences

Stealing offences in New South Wales include stealing, larceny, extortion, embezzling, break and enter, fraud and robbery. If you have been accused with a stealing offence, our lawyers will provide helpful advice on your prospects of successfully defending the charge. Whether you wish to plead guilty or not guilty, we’ll be there to fight your case.


Homicide is divided into manslaughter and murder. Murder is the act of intentionally killing or seriously injuring the victim, or where a person has acted with reckless indifference to the victim’s life. Manslaughter is the unintentional or accidental act that resulted in the death or serious injury of another person, or where a person has acted with reckless indifference to the victim’s life. If you have committed an unlawful or dangerous act that results in the death of another person, this can be considered manslaughter. If you have been found guilty of murder or manslaughter, the penalty can be up to 25 years of imprisonment.