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Do you need to update your will? Spencer Lawyers understands challenges and combines their experience with expert legal knowledge to help assist you to create a draft will on the Central Coast that suits your specific needs. Don’t leave updating your will at the bottom of your to do list. Organise an appointment with a local wills and estate lawyer at our office in Gosford today.

What sort of services do Our will solicitors offer?

We offer a complete suite of services to address every aspect of your needs when it comes to wills and estates legal needs. We will help you draw up a will that accurately reflects your wishes and covers all elements of your estate the way that you need it.

What is involved in will planning?

Before drawing up your will, you will need to consider what you wish to happen to your assets after you pass away. It is recommended that all adults over the age of 18 have a will, especially if they own property or have savings.

Planning a will is a relatively simple process, however, it does involve deciding what you wish to bequest to your loved ones, what plans you would like made for your funeral, and who you would like to execute your will.


In NSW, an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document that allows an individual (known as the principal) to appoint someone else (known as the attorney) to manage their financial and legal affairs if they become incapacitated or unable to make decisions for themselves.


The EPA must be made in writing, signed by the principal, and witnessed by a qualified witness. The attorney must also sign an acceptance of their appointment, acknowledging their duties and responsibilities.


An Enduring Guardianship (EG) is another legal document that allows an individual to appoint someone to make decisions about their personal and lifestyle matters, such as healthcare and accommodation if they become unable to make these decisions themselves.


Like the EPA, an EG must be made in writing, signed by the principal, and witnessed by a qualified witness. The guardian must also sign an acceptance of their appointment, acknowledging their duties and responsibilities.


It is important to note that the appointed guardian’s authority only comes into effect if the principal loses the capacity to make their own decisions.


Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship are important legal tools that allow individuals to appoint trusted individuals to manage their affairs if they are unable to do so themselves. It is important to ensure that the documents are made correctly and in accordance with NSW state law to ensure that the appointed attorney or guardian has the authority to act in the best interests of the principal. A lawyer can assist in preparing and executing these documents to ensure that they are legally valid and provide peace of mind for both the principal and their loved ones.


In NSW, a Testamentary Trust is a legal arrangement that allows a person to specify how their assets will be managed and distributed after their death. Under state law, a Testamentary Trust can be created through a valid Will and is designed to provide ongoing financial support for beneficiaries, particularly those who are minors or have special needs. The Trust is administered by a trustee who is appointed by the Will maker and who is responsible for managing the assets and distributing them in accordance with the Will’s instructions. A Testamentary Trust can offer several benefits, including protection of assets from creditors, flexibility in asset distribution, and potential tax advantages. It is important to seek legal advice to ensure that the Testamentary Trust is properly established and complies with all relevant laws and regulations in NSW.


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We will speak to you regarding further matters in drafting your Will. 

*Conditions apply. Simple Wills only. No testamentary discretionary trusts. SPENCER LAWYERS are nominated in the Will as the solicitors to be engaged in the execution of the provisions of the Will. NSW residents

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If there are any complications or legal challenges because of the absence of a will or other legal issues, our local will solicitors can help resolve them in a legally fair way. If you need help with any stage of a deceased estate, will or probate, come and see our experienced legal team in Gosford or give us a call to make an appointment.

For assistance with all of your wills and estate legal requirements on the Central Coast, contact us at Spencer Lawyers on 0406 915 806.


A will is essential to ensure your belongings and assets are distributed as you wish. More than that, a will makes this distribution much easier. Grief is a difficult time, and having a clear, easily understood will means your loved ones can carry out your wishes with minimum confusion or conflict during a very difficult time.

A standard will is suitable for circumstances where things are straightforward – for example, if you are giving the whole of your estate to your spouse, if alive, or you have named beneficiaries.

A non-standard will is used in circumstances that are more complex, such as the distribution of assets to blended families, where there are interfamily loans.

We recommend you review your will regularly, especially after any significant life events such as separation, divorce, remarriage or buying a new home. It’s also important to update things should any key beneficiaries die, or if there is a major family dispute.

A will can be contested if it’s not considered to be valid for one of the following reasons:

  • It is not in writing and signed by the will-maker in the presence of witnesses
  • The will has not been signed by two or more witnesses in the presence of the will-maker
  • It is not up to date with the will-maker’s legal rights and status, for example, if they have married, changed their name, divorced, had children or grandchildren or had a significant change in their financial situation.
  • The will-maker is considered to not have had mental capacity at the time the will was made
  • It is not the last will and another will was made at a later date
  • The will has been altered or tampered with after having been signed
  • The will-maker was forced to make the will

Our legal team at Spencer Lawyers in Gosford on the Central Coast are available to help you contest a will as invalid. Simply call us today on 0406 915 806 for assistance.

Enlisting professional assistance during the will-making process ensures that your will is valid and legal, providing you with peace of mind that your wishes will be correctly carried out.

At Spencer Lawyers, we treat your wishes with the respect they deserve, using expert legal knowledge to draw up a will that reflects this. This prevents the risk of your will being contested as invalid and your beneficiaries experiencing a delay in receiving their inheritance.

To ensure that your will is legal and up to date it is best to arrange a consultation with a legal expert, so if you live locally in Gosford or surrounds contact Spencer Lawyers today to ensure your estate is represented how it should be.

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At Spencer Lawyers, we’re proud to assist and serve our community on the Central Coast with expert wills assistance. We strive to offer friendly, compassionate services that give you the best legal knowledge when you need it most.

Making a will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones, and our local team is available to support and guide you every step of the way.

You can use our contact form to arrange an appointment or just give us a call on 0406 915 806 to organise an appointment at our Central Coast office in Gosford today.


We had a great service from Spencer Lawyers. Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney and Guardianship all completed efficiently and at very reasonable cost. Thank you David and Claudia.

We had the pleasure of dealing with Claudia Pitt from Spencer Lawyers in the drafting of our Wills. Claudia was most professional, knowledgable and personable. Claudia communicated with us on a timely basis regarding any queries we had. The whole experience was most gratifying.

I was extremely impressed with Spencer Lawyers from the start. Claudia made everything easy by checking very carefully with me. She made me feel comfortable, and didn't rush things.

Loved the initial consultation via the phone and then the office appointment to check that everything was correct.

David Spencer, the Solicitor, introduced himself and was very reassuring.

Simple Wills cost $99, which was a welcome surprise.

Thank you Claudia and David.

We recently contacted Spencer Lawyers to have wills done for myself and my husband. Claudia made the process so easy and straightforward from the initial phone conversation right up to going in to sign the paperwork within a week. Claudia is very knowledgeable regarding extended family, ex partners and explained in detail why certain clauses were worded the way they were. Very professional, friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend.