Going to court? Call Spencer Lawyers
Going to court? Call Spencer Lawyers

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No case is too tough for the legal team at Spencer Lawyers. Our law firm is located in Gosford but we represent clients throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, Central Coast, Gosford, Wyong, Newcastle and in all NSW courts. At Spencer Lawyers, we provide legal representation for all areas relating to criminal and traffic law including but not limited to:

When you choose Spencer Lawyers, you won’t receive unexpected bills in the letterbox for our legal services. We provide fixed fees—you’ll know the cost upfront so there are no surprises!

An Apprehended Violence Order is designed to protect the victims of domestic violence. By imposing an AVO, the courts effectively restrict what a defendant can do day-to-day in order to protect the individual whose safety is under threat. If the police accuse you of breaching an AVO, get in touch with the Spencer Lawyers team on the Central Coast today. We’re here to help no matter the time of day and can offer advice to either the holder of an AVO or anyone looking to apply for one.

Drink driving is an extremely serious offence, with a court appearance highly likely if caught in the Central Coast region. The penalties you can expect to receive for a drink driving infraction are dependant on the blood alcohol levels that are in your body, but a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05 or more could lead to the suspension, disqualification or cancellation of a licence, fines and even imprisonment. If you need legal representation for your day in court, we can let you know all of the options available to you and the best ways to move forward with your case.

Australian criminal law can be extremely difficult to define and is usually state-based. Covering criminal offences from breaking and entering to murder, at Spencer Lawyers in Gosford, we will fight on your behalf no matter your case. From clients pleading their innocence to trying to get charges reduced, our expert team strives to do right by all our clients.

Driving with a suspended licence, or without a licence at all, can be an extremely serious offence in NSW. No matter how desperate you are to get back on the road, doing so without a licence can lead to significant fines and even a prison sentence. That’s why, to avoid suspension in the first place, you should turn to our experts at Spencer Lawyers. Experienced in appealing suspended licences, our team will focus on getting your charges reduced or even entirely removed.

Traffic offences can range from anything as minimal as low range speeding to much more dangerous offences including reckless and dangerous driving. If you’re facing a charge for traffic offences in Gosford and need expert representation in court, look no further than Spencer Lawyers. We’ll make sure your best interests are represented in court and will do all we can to ensure that your sentence or fines are reduced or even dropped.

We know that dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult, and trying to establish the legality of a will can be a hard process when you’re dealing with all the complexities of someone passing away. Here at Spencer Lawyers, we offer an in-depth probate service on the Central Coast, helping you to obtain probate over the deceased’s estate. This can make the process much easier in the long run, and help you to avoid legal hurdles surrounding the will and inheritance.

Spencer Lawyers are currently offering to create Legal Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian Documents for $220.

If you are interested, contact us today.

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We will speak to you regarding further matters in drafting your Will. 

*Conditions apply. Simple Wills only. No testamentary discretionary trusts. SPENCER LAWYERS are nominated in the Will as the solicitors to be engaged in the execution of the provisions of the Will. NSW residents

Know the legal blood alcohol levels

We’ve put together a guide of the legal blood alcohol limits with the maximum sentences that can be imposed for drink driving. Speak to us if you’ve been charged with a drink driving offence.

Fight wrongful convictions

If you have been falsely accused or you’re involved in a criminal offence, we’ll help put together the best possible defence for your unique case.

Lodge an appeal

When you receive a harsh penalty or have been falsely convicted, we’ll lodge an appeal to the court of appeals. At Spencer Lawyers, protecting your legal rights is our mission.

We fight the good fight and we’re dedicated to representing your best interests in court. Available 24/7 for legal aid, you can trust that our lawyers will be there when you need us most. Don’t go to court without your trusted legal team from Spencer Lawyers.