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Apply for or defend an apprehended violence order


Apprehended violence orders (AVOs) are put in place by the court to protect a person from violence, harassment or intimidation from someone else. A person who has an AVO taken out against them may be restricted from contacting the complainant or keep a certain distance from their home or work.

If you apply for an AVO and it’s successful, the defendant doesn’t receive a criminal record unless the AVO is breached which will be considered a criminal offence.


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Types of AVOs


There are two types of AVOs that you can apply for.


An Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) is applied when a domestic relationship between both parties is involved.
If you have experienced violence or fear for your safety from someone other than a partner, an Apprehended Personal Violence Order (ADVO) applies.

Apply for an AVO

AVOs can be applied for privately through the local court or through the police. However only the police can apply for an AVO for a child. If you are in need of immediate protection, we recommend seeking an AVO from the police.

If you are applying for an APVO, the court may require a mediation session unless the defendant has a history of physical violence, is accused of stalking and intimidating the applicant or mediation was tried and failed in the past.

To apply for an AVO, you will be required to provide information for the reasons why you are applying. This can include information about drug use, mental health or if either party owes money. You will then be required to sign a statement claiming the information you have provided is truthful. Giving false or misleading information is considered an offence.


Once the application has been served to the defendant, a court date will be provided. The applicant must prove to the court that there are genuine fears their safety is threatened by the defendant and there are reasonable grounds for these fears.

Applying for an AVO and appearing in court can be stressful, overwhelming and frightening. Contact Spencer Lawyers today and we’ll act on your behalf to help relieve you of anxiety throughout the application process.

Defending an AVO

Have you been served an AVO based on false or misleading information? Our criminal defence lawyers can help fight against unwarranted AVO claims. We’ll need to prove that the applicant does not have genuine fears for their safety and that there are no reasonable grounds of the fears to exist.

We’ll defend your case to have your AVO withdrawn. Alternatively you may be required to undertake written negotiations to promise the court that neither party will engage in the accused behaviour. If you’ve been given an AVO, get the defence you need with Spencer Lawyers, your local legal experts on the Central Coast.

What happens when an AVO is breached?

Contravening an AVO is considered a criminal offence and can result in imprisonment for up to 2 years with a maximum fine of $5,500. If an AVO has been breached with an act of violence, the court needs a very good reason to not imprison the defendant.


Alternatively, if there is an attempt to contravene the AVO, that person is considered guilty as if the offence attempted had been committed. If you have been charged with breaching an AVO, make an appointment with Spencer Lawyers in Gosford today. We’ll work hard to help you put forward the best possible defence for your case.