What You Should Expect From A Quality Criminal Defence Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can cause a lot of stress, especially for people who have never faced a conviction before. If you’re going to court, you’ll want to know you’re supported by a lawyer you can trust to give you the best defence no matter the situation.

When choosing a criminal defence lawyer on the Central Coast, there are certain attributes or qualities you need to be on the lookout for to ensure you’re in the best hands throughout the entire process.

Criminal Lawyer Checking Documents

Excellent Communication

Communication is at the heart of the legal process, and it’s crucial you choose a defence lawyer who is ready to communicate with you and understand your case, and who you feel confident will act on your behalf and liaise with defendants.

You will ideally want to work with someone who will make themselves available to you to discuss your case and hear your concerns. You’ll also want a professional who will share legal advice, help you grasp the proceedings of your case, the plea options you have available, and any potential obstacles.

Examples of Experience and Past Cases

Knowledge and experience go a long way. If you’re in need of a defence lawyer, you’ll first need to find a legal professional who specialises in criminal law and has experience defending clients in criminal prosecution.

This will ensure they’ll have the capacity to understand your case and develop an appropriate and successful defence. Before you engage a legal professional in your case, gather whether they have defended any similar cases or clients and what their outcomes were.

Skills Across All Parts of the Process

When looking for a lawyer, you’ll want to go with someone who is able to manage the entire legal process. Criminal prosecution involves reviewing evidence and preparing compelling legal documents, so you will want to engage a lawyer who is able to manage all these tasks with confidence and expertise.

Many criminal lawyers will try to settle matters outside of court, so a professional with strong skills as a negotiator can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Good References

References go hand-in-hand with experience, and it’s safe to presume that a more experienced lawyer will have developed good connections and a strong track record of expertise.

Before engaging a criminal lawyer, review client testimonials and feedback on their work to help you gain an idea of their success and performance rates.


When facing a stressful criminal offence, the last thing you want is a lawyer who’s not confident about securing a win. You want to put yourself and your future in the hands of a legal professional who has trust in the strength of their legal defence, and who communicates all aspects of your legal proceedings with confidence and assertion.

You’ll also want to be sure that you maintain a relationship of trust with your lawyer, that you’ll receive their moral support, and that you’ll be able to share any aspect of the case with confidence.

Choosing Spencer Lawyers for Your Criminal Defence

We hope you are never placed in the situation where you’re facing criminal charges, but if you are, we know you want to put yourself and your case in the hands of a confident and experienced professional. That’s where Spencer Lawyers can help.

Our many years of experience defending clients on the Central Coast mean our professionals are deeply knowledgeable of the charges you might be facing and have strong connections who can help us present the most solid case possible. We can also negotiate any costs relating to your case to ensure the best outcome.

Put yourself and your future in good hands. Contact Spencer Lawyers today on 0414 709 543 and we can discuss your situation and how we can assist you.