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At Spencer Lawyers, we take pride in our commitment to help those in need of assistance facing the often scary and complex aspects of any criminal law offence.



Whether you are going to court for charges relating to assault, drug possession, supply or importation, fraud, sexual harassment or crimes such as murder, we at Spencer Lawyers are committed to helping you and we will fight the good fight to have your charges let go or reduced.

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What does a criminal lawyer do?

Criminal lawyers perform many duties on behalf of the accused and do so without prejudice and with their interests in mind. Everything we do is to ensure that your legal rights are upheld and you receive fair treatment in accordance with law conduct.


Criminal law is a broad sector and encompasses many roles, including Criminal Defence, Criminal Duty, and Criminal Prosecution.

Criminal Prosecution

Criminal prosecutors will ensure that the right person is reprimanded and deliver justice. They will:

Criminal Duty

Criminal Duty solicitors represent those who do not have access to a solicitor and who are suspected or accused of any crime. This service is free and prevents disadvantaged people from being denied legal aid or equal access to justice. They:

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Criminal Defence

Criminal Defence Lawyers help those suspected or charged with a crime. Their job includes:

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The benefits of hiring a criminal law specialist

There are several benefits to hiring a criminal law specialist to deal with your case, irrespective of whether you are suspected or accused.

Save money

A criminal law specialist will ensure that costs relating to fees, fines, and time out of work for the accused are negotiated appropriately which offsets the costs of hiring one.

Similarly, we can ensure that criminal restitution is rewarded according to the value of goods stolen from a victim.

Expert knowledge and experience

Spencer Lawyers is founded on 30+ years of experience in the field of law. We understand charges, what they could mean for you, and can identify any loopholes which can go amiss.

Our experience will ensure that you present a solid case and that all bases are covered. We have valuable connections and know who to liaise with to detract necessary information for your case.

Moral support

Criminal law specialists understand the toll that convictions can take on an individual. You can talk about all aspects of the case, including information undisclosed to family members, and trust us to handle proceedings.

Remember, criminal law specialists, are morally bound to defend you. Your interests come first, regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty. We will do our best to provide you with the support you need and limit your hardships.

Keep proceedings moving

You don’t want to spend time incarcerated any more than you have to. Criminal law specialists have a whole team behind them to ensure that your case receives adequate attention and proceedings are ongoing.

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