Traffic Charges

Dangerous Driving
Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death and Dangerous Driving Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm are serious traffic offences that can attract lengthy prison sentences. It is therefore vitally important to engage Traffic Lawyers who are experienced in defending such cases.

Drink Driving (PCA)
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Drive whilst Suspended/Disqualified
Driving when your licence is suspended, cancelled, or if you are unlicenced or disqualified can have serious consequences including a criminal conviction, lengthy further loss of licence, heavy fine and possible imprisonment. It is therefore vitally important to seek advice from a criminal lawyer with extensive experience in these serious Traffic Offences.

Driving under the Influence (DUI)
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Drug Driving
Drug driving is driving with certain drugs in your bloodstream, including cannabis, amphetamine, methylamphetamine, ecstacy, heroin, and cocaine.

Drug Driving is different to Drink Driving because it does not require the driver to be noticeably affected by drugs. The mere presence of the drugs is enough. This means that a driver can be charged with drug driving even if the drugs were taken several days before driving, or if the concentration of drugs is very low.

For a first offence drug driving, the automatic period of disqualification is 6 months, though the Magistrate has the discretion to reduce this to a minimum of 3 months. The maximum fine for this offence is $1,100.00, and carries carries a criminal conviction.

For a second drug driving offence within 5 years, the automatic period of disqualification is 12 months, which can be reduced to a minimum of 6 months. The maximum fine is $2,200.00, and also carries a criminal conviction.

There is also a possibility of being charged with additional drug driving offences, so it is imperative that you seek legal advice from an experienced Criminal Lawyer as soon as you have been charged with this offence.

Negligent Driving
Negligent Driving is the least serious of the ‘Dangerous Driving’ category of driving offences. Drivers are often charged with Negligent Driving when an accident occurs but the manner of driving is not sufficiently reckless or dangerous to press a more serious charge.

The law says that a driver is ‘Negligent’ if he or she was not ‘exercising the degree of care and attention which a reasonable and prudent driver would exercise in the circumstances’. The Penalties for Negligent Driving are more severe if someone is seriously injured or killed.

Reckless Driving
Spencer Lawyers have a wealth of experience representing clients charged with traffic offences, including ‘Drive Recklessly / Furiously / In a Manner / at Speed Dangerous’.

We can accurately advise you of the law, options available to you, and the likely outcomes of your case if you should plead guilty or not guilty.

If you don’t agree you were speeding or you feel the penalty is too harsh, the experienced Traffic Lawyers at Spencer Lawyers are here to help. We will accurately advise you on your options for appeal, or if you don’t believe you were speeding and wish to defend the case, our decades of experience will ensure your best case is put forward to the Court.

Legislation and penalties are subject to change.